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  • Our Company

    We are a must-run business, with a proven track record as an industry leader for almost 90 years.DCP Midstream is a Fortune 500 company and one of the largest producers of NGLs and one of the largest natural gas processing companies in the U.S. DCP is leveraging their strategic footprint to extend the value chain through integrated pipelines.

    Leading Industry Footprint
    We have a competitive footprint and strong geographic diversity with leading positions in key economic-producing basins where producers are focused, including the DJ Basin, the Permian Basin, and the STACK/SCOOP areas of the Midcontinent.

    We provide natural gas gathering services to the wellhead, and we’re leveraging our strategic footprint to extend the value chain through our integrated NGL pipelines and other marketing and logistics infrastructure.

    Committed to Sustainability
    Through our DCP 2020 framework, DCP is committed to being sustainable in any market environment, with a focus on operational excellence, including industry-leading safety performance.